Why Jasmine Hills Active Retirement Community?

  1. Pioneer in active retirement community and care inclusive living solutions.
  2. Always thinking about the future of active retirees and evolving new ideas for better efficiency in care delivery.
  3. Trained team to handle active retirees with passion and compassion.
  4. Go green initiatives and environment friendly concepts.
  5. Constantly adapting to change and evolving new concepts, ideas an practices.


  1. To establish Jasmine Hills Villas and Spa (JHVS) as a Globally recognized Resort for retirees and nursing care.
  2. To strengthen the Corporate identity to the stage where it is at par if not better than our competitors in Chiangmai for each target market.
  3. To develop a Main Brand Image that will signify trust, confidence and reliability on a global basis.
  4. To develop infrastructure facilities, resort and nursing care services in a systematic manner drawing synergies from each fraction.
  5. The Eco-friendly environment has to be maintained and improved.
  6. Organic vegetables will be planted in certain areas to improve the image of healthy living.
  7. New technology to be implemented to make SMART HOMES.


The operation commenced in October 2010 when Paul Soh developed Jasmine Hills Lodge. It had 9 bungalow units, a main lobby building and kitchen annex, plus a swimming pool.

Phase 1 commenced in April 2011 starting with the enlarging of the lake and the building of the Jasmine Spa.

In April 2013, 5 bungalow units – 3 were single storey and 2 double storey bungalows were built.

The total investment to date is about USD 3 million. Currently, the owners of the villas are Investors and their villas are rented out by the company.

Phase 2 should commence in 2019 when 2 blocks of Townhouses will be built for the up- market Retiree and Nursing Facility.

Phase 3 will be Jasmine on the lake, which will cater for 5-star hotel accommodation for both short term to long term guests.

8 Reasons to retire
in Chiang Mai

  • Higher standard of living at lower cost
  • Very safe with little crime like Singapore
  • Good medical facilities at a low cost
  • Own your own property or rent one
  • Save or even make more money when you retire
  • Live in a community with many international retirees
  • Experience the culture and warmth of Northern Thailand
  • Living in a resort with full facilities only cost USD1500 per month