The Jasmine Hills

Active Retirement Community

WELCOME to the Jasmine Hills ACITVE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY. Sprawled over 20,000 square meters of pristine and eco friendly landscape surrounded by rice fields, Jasmine Hills had played host to many retirees from all over the globe. To date, close to 80% of our guests are from Europe with the reminder made out of Asians (Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong). This community is English speaking although German, Dutch and French are commonly heard.

Why Jasmine Hills Active Retirement Community?

  1. Pioneer in active retirement community and care inclusive living solutions.
  2. Always thinking about the future of active retirees and evolving new ideas for better efficiency in care delivery.
  3. Trained team to handle active retirees with passion and compassion.
  4. Go green initiatives and environment friendly concepts.
  5. Constantly adapting to change and evolving new concepts, ideas an practices.

Active Retirement information


Retirement journey

When we begin our retirement journey, we do not always know exactly where we are going. Since this is a new beginning, we have little experience to reference. And although we may have some general ideas about what is ahead, there is a certain mystery enshrouding a lifestyle we have not yet experienced firsthand. As a result, our second act is often a work in progress where we learn as we go.


The Advantage of a Built-In Expat Community

By Dan Prescher. One of the things my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I have come to value over the years that we’ve lived abroad are well-organized expat communities. We do know some expats who were determined to be pioneers and boldly go where no North Americans had gone before.


Cost of living

One of the big attractions of Chiang Mai, Thailand is its incredibly reasonable cost of living. Although you’ll hear the idea of “Living like a King for US$500 a month” floating around, it can be done but that only applies to the most minimalist of penny-pinching lifestyles. For a single individual, US$1000/month is more realistic but US$1500/month is more than ample to finance a quality of life fit for a King or a Queen (regional travel extra).


Renting cost for Retirement / Nursing Homes

More than 90% of the elderly population do not live in retirement homes let alone nursing homes in every country in this world. In developed Western nations, retirement homes and nursing homes are very popular for people who can afford it. Today there are many expatriates working in Asia and some will retire here.

Warorot Market, Chiang Mai

Comparison between SINGAPORE, KUALA LUMPUR & CHIANG MAI for retirement

More than 90% of the elderly population do not live in retirement homes let alone nursing homes in every country in this world. In developed Western nations, retirement homes and nursing homes are very popular for people who can afford it. Today there are many expatriates working in Asia and some will retire here.


Healthcare in Chiang Mai

If you are going to retire in Chiang Mai it’s good to know there are several hospitals in the city. Best known will be Chiang Mai Ram, Ratchavej and Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital.

Our Services

Errand & Liasoning

Advantage of living in the Jasmine Hills Active Retirement Community is its well-established concierge services.

House Keeping

At Jasmine Hills, it ensures that the resident does not face any difficulties in managing or maintaining the property.

Catering & Diet

Meals are cooked in our own professional kitchens and provided in our guest restaurant. Guests can eat at a time of their choosing in broad time bands.

Wellness & Health

We have physical activities supervised by our qualified activities supervisor. These activities include yoga, dancing, stretching, Tai chi and Zumba dance.


Jasmine Hills believes that all residents should remain happy and enjoy every moment of life.

8 Reasons to retire
in Chiang Mai

  • Higher standard of living at lower cost
  • Very safe with little crime like Singapore
  • Good medical facilities at a low cost
  • Own your own property or rent one
  • Save or even make more money when you retire
  • Live in a community with many international retirees
  • Experience the culture and warmth of Northern Thailand
  • Living in a resort with full facilities only cost USD1500 per month

Eat out in Chiang Mai

Thailand has long been known as a home for incredible cuisine, with its huge number of local eateries, as well
as a host of international restaurants featuring well-known dishes from around the world. In Chiang Mai, there are enough restaurants and street vendors to keep you busy for a lifetime. Whether you are in the mood for local Thai cuisine, or looking for something closer to home, you will never be stuck for somewhere to go in
Chiang Mai.

Shopping & Lifestyle in Chiang Mai

Central Festival Chiang Mai

The “tourist destination” in Chiangmai and the “lifestyle hub” of the North. Satisfy the different lifestyle and fulfill your life perfectly with the modernized goods and services from over 250 fashion brand-named store, over 60 lifestyle restaurant both indoor and outdoor, over 10 Major Cineplex movie theaters with 1 IMAX 3D, Ice Skating Rink, Fun Planet and Fitness Club.


Maya Mall is an ultra-modern shopping mall located north-west of the old city of Chiang Mai, right near the popular Nimman area. Maya Mall is a convenient shopping destination that houses a supermarket, pharmacies, banks, retail stores, massage parlor, cosmetics stores, a cinema and large co-working space known as CAMP.

Pantip Plaza

The IT center in Chiang Mai, it is good for basic shopping – there’s a small Big C supermarket where you can find most things you might need. There’s several small coffee stands, and places selling clothes. Make sure you go to the food court on the top floor – good selection of Thai food at a cheap price. Coffee Cantina is good for teas and coffees. There’s plenty Thai language learning center

Rimping Supermarket

It is an upmarket supermarket geared toward Westernized customers and with classical music playing in the background. Rimping is a full grocery store with many import products . You can find just about anything you can find in a grocery at home, maybe more.

Kad Suan Keaw

Kad Suan Kaew Department store is the oldest of the shopping malls in Chiang Mai, but has a variety of shops, restaurants, discount stores and electronics stalls. While there are not many brand name shops in Kad Suan Kaew, it does offer many export shops (popular brand clothing with the labels cut out) and a western style supermarket, Tops, which stocks bread, cheese, alcohol and many other imported items. The basement floor has a small, simple food court and a few mobile phone shops, while the first, second and third floors have clothing, health, beauty and restaurants. On the fourth floor there is a popular bowling alley and an old cinema which only plays Thai films. Kad Suan Kaew Department store is centrally located on Huey Kaew Road in an old, red brick building. It has a large parking lot for cars as well as a covered parking garage, and secure motorbike parking for 5 Baht.
The Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel is situated directly behind the Department store and the two are connected by a door. The Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel is next door and it’s easy to walk directly to the department store.