Why Jasmine Hills Active Retirement Community?

  1. Pioneer in active retirement community and care inclusive living solutions.
  2. Always thinking about the future of active retirees and evolving new ideas for better efficiency in care delivery.
  3. Trained team to handle active retirees with passion and compassion.
  4. Go green initiatives and environment friendly concepts.
  5. Constantly adapting to change and evolving new concepts, ideas an practices.

Errand & Liasoning

Advantage of living in the Jasmine Hills Active Retirement Community is its well-established concierge services. Most of your needs are met. Jasmine Hills addresses the needs for various services either directly or through empaneled consultants. Besides providing quick solutions, in many cases, the resident reaps benefits of concessional pricing.

Travel Concierge

  • Jasmine Hills’s front desk also helps the residents plan and books their travel ticketing or tours.
  • Travelling from and to bus station, railway station, airports etc. are facilitated by Jasmine Hills.
  • Motorcycle and car renting services are facilitated by Jasmine Hills.


  • Jasmine Hills maintains a very cordial relationship with the local banks. We do provide assistance for opening a new bank account.

House Keeping Services

At Jasmine Hills, housekeeping is a process. It ensures that the resident does not face any difficulties in managing or maintaining the property. Besides, it also ensures continuity in service to ensure that any absence of specific housekeeping employee does not affect the day-to-day work schedule of the residents.

Housekeeping includes

  • Sweeping, mopping, toilet cleaning, watering the garden, dusting & removing the segregated waste from each residential unit.
  • It does not include washing of clothes or cleaning the kitchen area.
  • Fans and higher ceiling cleaning are done once a month. This is to ensure that the residences are dust free.


  • Work allotted based on size of the residence.
  • Residents are informed about the timing and scheduling of work.
  • Audits are done as a regular practice and feedback from the residents are taken and acted upon

Catering & Diet Services by Jasmine Hills


  • Meals are cooked in our own professional kitchens and provided in our guest restaurant. We do not have set ‘mealtimes’ guests can eat at a time of their choosing in broad time bands (e.g. breakfast 07:30 until 10:30) Meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and can provide a social gathering alongside the meal but because of the flexible meal times there is no compulsion to eat as a group . The menu choice is a mixture of Western, Thai, Asian and vegetarian cuisines with a focus on healthy eating but we have an extensive menu from which the guest can choose. We also try to meet guest’s ethnic cooking, favorites or dietary requirements on request.

Jasmine Hills Café

  • Jasmine Hills Cafe is a coffee shop which will be a part of all the retirement communities in the future.
  • The cafe provide healthy snacks, juices, tea & coffee.

Wellness & Health

Activities for healthy mind include:

  • Promoting group activities where residents relate to others.
  • Treating retirees with dignity and respect and giving them their space.
  • Encouraging and ensuring social interactions through:
    • Speaker meetings.
    • Respecting diversity.
    • Celebrating Festivals of different nationality.

Activities for the body include:

  • Nutrition and wellness – that starts from the diet the retirees follow while fixing their meal plan.
  • We have physical activities supervised by our qualified activities supervisor. These activities include yoga, dancing, stretching, Tai chi and Zumba dance.
  • Spa center with trained masseuse, jacuzzi bathtub and steam room for relaxing.


Jasmine Hills believes that all residents should remain happy and enjoy every moment of life.

  • At Jasmine Hills, we believe that each adult enters the second childhood phase of his or her life. But this second childhood is far different to the first!
  • Events and event management is an integral part of the entertainment quotient at Jasmine Hills.
  • An events calendar is drawn up in consultation with the residents. The Events Committee is mostly of the residents with the Head services or Manager of the community being part of the communities. Consensus is key to keeping a happy society and at Jasmine Hills active retirement community.
  • Entertainment in the form of music, karaoke sessions, dance, party, and games are things that one can expect at Jasmine Hills.

8 Reasons to retire
in Chiang Mai

  • Higher standard of living at lower cost
  • Very safe with little crime like Singapore
  • Good medical facilities at a low cost
  • Own your own property or rent one
  • Save or even make more money when you retire
  • Live in a community with many international retirees
  • Experience the culture and warmth of Northern Thailand
  • Living in a resort with full facilities only cost USD1500 per month